Covid Q & A
Will the children be socially distanced?
Yes, all classes will be socially distanced due to the fact we have small class numbers and a large space to dance in so can easily do this. For Pre-Primary students their props will already be set out for them in their allocated dancing areas and will be cleaned before and after their classes. Everyone else will be socially distanced and no props are used. 
What items can I bring to the studios?
Please come already dressed for your classes and bring minimal additional items. Your belongings will be placed at the side of the studio next to your designated area.  * Please note, we cannot keep hold of any lost property 
Can I use the toilets? Yes, these will be open but will be on a one in one out use to allow for social distancing and cleaning 
Do I need to wear a mask? No- given that our students will be walking straight in to the studio, in line with government rules they will not be required to wear a mask for their classes.  – Any parent/guardian that enters the halls MUST wear a mask and remain socially distanced at all times.
How will you keep record of who is attending the classes for track and trace?
As always, we will be taking a register at the start of each class and will have your details in our system from your online registration to our classes, so we can easily contact you and if needs pass this information on to track and trace. 
How will you manage a student who becomes unwell during class time?
We will contact the parent / guardian immediately to ensure they can be collected ASAP. A mask will be provided for them. 
Have you completed a risk assessment for the studios regarding COVID19?
Yes we have and we are satisfied that it meets requirements. A link to it can be found on our COVID19 tab.  
What happens if classes do need to be stopped again in the future?
We will simply switch over to Zoom following the exact same timetable to ensure continuity of our classes. For any students who aren’t able to use zoom from home we will look into recording the teacher on the zoom class and sharing this with them, please contact Miss Georgina directly regarding this if this occasion arrises. 
How do I pay for my classes this term?
Once you have signed up, you will receive your term invoice. You will have 2 weeks to complete payment for this unless any other payment method has been agreed with you and the principal. The academy has taken a huge hit during COVID19 and we are struggling to continue. We ask for your support in prompt payment in order for us to continue to run our classes.